type unofficial
label dgc / bmg / globus international
code 210118-1 311 (no code for the picture discs)
pictures back sleeve, back sleeve details: bottom and top credits, silver label
notes from 1999 on these repressings in different colours have been sold on ebay by german online shops usually dealing with fake and unofficial releases. they have been probably pressed by the same plant (gz vinyl) who produced the first (official) pressings, as the same plates were used. this is visible from the matrixes.
the sleeve is less glossy (uncoated). the print quality is lower, but still good. no insert, same die cut clear plastic inner sleeve.
the labels are silver with black writings

from gianluigi valerio:
A few years ago, at an Utrecht (Holland) record fair, I had the chance to speak with a Czech man who played an important part in the Globus label's record releases. This elderly man, well know in record company circles, explained to me that the Globus label had been licensed by BMG to release limited edition vinyl pressings, including Nirvana's Nevermind LP.
This came about because he had 'distinguished' himself in the years before the collapse of the Soviet Union, to the point of being imprisoned with the Czech political leader Vaclav Havel (who later became President of the Czech Republic).
After the fall of the Berlin wall, he got into the record business, and Globus released coloured vinyl editions from a lot of famous artists.
In the 1990's, the European record market underwent a big change; production was centralized, with records manufactured mainly in Germany and the UK and then distributed to other countries. This lead to the collapse of most local labels, including Globus.
The pressing plates fell into wrong hands, and were
(still are) used for illegal repressings of the most marketable records.
The repressings all have silver labels, while original Globus pressings all have black labels.

found on a collector's forum (please mail me if you're the author): Over the years, I've heard a lot of sketchy things with the Czech plants: they keep the plates and don't return them, your records start mysteriously appearing in Europe and Russia - not shitty bootlegs but exact replicas of the ones the Czech plant did for you, records never arriving, etc.
The few people i know who have gone Czech have done one or two records and swore them off as they are impossible to deal with.

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matrix machine printed side a & GE 0235/A side b & GE 0236/A
notes 1999 - clear green, clear green with multicolour spots, clear with multicolour spots
2000 - clear blue/green
2001 - black vinyl

matrix machine printed side a & GE 0235/A side b & GE 0236/A
pictures side a, side b
notes 2001 - picture disc, plain clear plastic sleeve
same as the official pressing, except for the matrix, missing some numbers

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notes 2006 - several different vinyl colours, usually with some more or less evident streaks:
black, grey, silver, clear marbled, clear, clear blue, blue, yellow, orange, red, clear green, green, light blue/green, and probably some others