title backlash
country usa
date august-september 1988
pictures cover, article, letter
notes from the nirvana interviews book edited by sarah lymkiln:
Dawn Anderson was a Seattle writer who, amongst other projects, wrote for local music paper The Rocket and ran a fanzine called Backlash. She was given a tape by Jack Endino of a 10-song demo session that Nirvana had undertaken with him at Endino's Reciprocal Studio on 23 January 1988. Impressed, Anderson contacted Kurt in early April 1988 regarding an interview, and Cobain drove from his home in Aberdeen up to Seattle to provide the interview face to face, rather than conduct it via telephone; he introduced himself under his pseudonym, Kurdt Kobain, and apparently talked for an hour, which means (judging from the sparsity of quotes used) that a large amount of material from this talk is not extant. Anderson later watched the band in concert several times, and conducted a follow-up interview with the whole band c.mid-May 1988
The by-line 'It may be the Devil...' is taken from the refrain of Bob Dylan's 1980 song, 'Gotta Serve Somebody'. By a strange twist of fate, Krist will quote the refrain at one of Nirvana's final concerts, at the Palatrussardi in Milan, Italy on 25 February 1994.
Dawn Anderson later married Jack Endino.

title rolling stone - nirvana
country argentina
date may 30, 2006
pictures cover (copy still sealed in plastic blister)
notes n°8 of the colleccion 50 años de rock series, includes a nevermind cd