the "priest" they called him: original master tape
the master tape with cobain's 'soundtrack' was kept by thor lindsay, owner of tim/kerr records, and in january 2002 it was put on auction on ebay, together with the cardboard with the original autographs.
from the auction form: Up for auction is the original master tape made by Kurt Cobain for the record "The Priest They Called Him" as well as the original signatures of Kurt and Burroughs used to make the record artwork. These signatures were traced to make the etching in the wax of the record's B side. I am selling these on behalf of the record company's former owner. The original master tape is a dat that Kurt recorded, that is his writing on the label. Kurt recorded 26 minutes of music, of which only 12 minutes were used to make the record. These items are absolutely authentic. Auction includes a notarized statement of authenticity signed by Thor Lindsay, the former president of the record company. Also included is a second notarized statement, by photographer Mark Trunz, who personally witnessed Kurt signing the record art. You are bidding on the original master tape and the original signatures. A number of other items will be included with the auction:
- sealed copy of the record
- open copy of the record
- original cd release
- poster promoting the record
- copy of Geffen Records authorization to release
- copy of Kurt's instructions to Thor
- original photographer's contact sheet taken the same night that Kurt made the signature, one of the frames was used on the back cover of the record.
- stage pass for the night that the signature was obtained, which was Friday, April 9, 1992 at the cow palace.
this auction didn't reach the reserve price, and later the items were sold privately
related items: the "priest" they called him 10" record and cd, original autographs on cardboard

title the timothy cook singers love ballad to barbara dollarhide
country usa status
year 1993
type promotional - not for sale (?)
media 7"
label C/Z
code -
matrix handwritten U-34738M BOWL ME WITH YOUR BEAUTY, BARB
track love ballad to barbara dollarhide
pictures front sleeve, back sleeve, side a label, side b, insert
notes one-sided 7", two-fold heavy paper sleeve, clear plastic bag, small paper insert.
on side a there's a bizarre collage of radio samples, people talking, bits of piano and drums, and samples of the riff from 'smells like teen spirit'.
side b is blank, with a white label.
kurdt cobain and courtney love are mentioned on the back sleeve credits, which also state that this is a limited edition of '200 or so' copies.

title cobain in a coma - by the sleestacks
country uk status
year 1994
type retail (?)
media 7"
label prescription drugs
code -
matrix handwritten, only on side b PD-001 SIDE B
pictures sleeve (unfolded), record
notes one-sided 7", two-fold heavy paper sleeve.
silkscreened on side a with a picture of cobain and his guitar.
written shortly after the rome incident, the song starts with radio news and the riff from 'smells like teen spirit' before going into a cover version of the smiths' song 'girlfriend in a coma', with modified lyrics