promo torch (picture)
I bought it from Esprit about the same time as the album was released.
It appears to be some kind of mock up or test for a promotional item that may then have been dropped as an idea from further production at Geffen. They had never seen one before or since.
It is a small, orange coloured, transparent plastic, battery powered torch in a sealed clear blister-pack with a mock-up card backing. The printing and art work on the card is of poor quality or photo-copied / laser printed, and the blister itself has been crudely hand glued to the card.
The torch appears to be a real torch, only without removing it from the packaging it is difficult to prove it works. It needs either an AA or AAA battery!
The words "With The Lights Out" are printed on the side of the torch body in black lettering.
The torch handle has a real working LCD clock display incorporated into it, and it appears to open like a rock climbing / mountaineering rope safety-loop fitting.
The words "2004 GEFFEN RECORDS PROMO ONLY NOT FOR SALE" are printed along the top-right edge of the card. The backing card appears to made from two different coloured layers of card, the rear one brown/grey and the front one is white with the printing on it. The corners have been rounded by hand.
thanks to andrew conway