year 1992
tracks 1. dive
2. sliver
3. stain
4. been a son
5. turnaround
6. molly's lips
7. son of a gun
8. (new wave) polly
9. beeswax
10. downer
11. mexican seafood
12. hairspray queen
13. aero zeppelin
14. big long now
15. aneurysm
* the tracklist is the same on all releases
pictures standard graphic layout for 12" releases:
front sleeve: with small title on the left, with big title on the right
back sleeve: with titles on the left, with titles on the right
picture inner sleeve: front, back

standard graphic layout for cd releases:
booklet: front, inside, back (some releases have extra pages with cobain's liner notes)
back inlay

standard graphic layout for cassette releases (from the us release):
inlay: outside, inside
notes on some releases band members' names are written under their photos