media 7"
year 1991
label sub pop
code SP97
matrix handwritten side a SP-97-A Kdisc ch L-37037 LATER side b SP-97-B Kdisc ch L-37037x LATER
tracks candy (by the fluid)
molly's lips (live version unavailable elsewhere)
pictures sleeve (unfolded), side b label
notes three-fold cover with a detachable 'singles club' subscription card, in a clear plastic sleeve.
issued in two vinyl colours, in a total of 7500 copies.
some copies contained a sub pop sticker - thanks to gianluigi valerio
related items: black vinyl counterfeit, fake cd-r single

type test pressing
pictures side a label, side b label (enrico vincenzi); side a label, side b label (a. sohier)
notes plain white sleeve, white labels. the labels may be blank, or have handwritten titles.
note from an ex sub pop employee:
"the handwriting on the label of this test pressing was written by my co-worker Hannah Parker, wife of Bruce Pavitt (co-founder of Sub Pop). She labeled other Sub Pop test pressings too. I don't know exactly how many were pressed (not many)."

type retail
pictures side b label
notes black vinyl, 3500 copies

type retail
pictures record
notes green vinyl with white marbling, 4000 copies.
as usually happens with marbled vinyls the appearance may vary a lot, in the overall shade, the amount of marbling and the presence of bits of vinyl of different colours.
white 'color vinyl' sticker on the front sleeve. the same sticker was also used in some copies of the coloured bleach 12" reissues (in place of the more common green sticker) and in some copies of the coloured vinyl of the hard to believe compilation.
variation solid green vinyl
pictures record
notes very little or no marbling at all
variation black spots
pictures record
notes spots or streaks of black vinyl
thanks to cedric vanoverstraten
variation dark-splattered vinyl
pictures record
notes the colour is overall darker than usual, especially near the label
thanks to guido maria muscelli

type mispressing
pictures record
notes note from the previous owner, terence yong: Molly's Lips Mispress 7 is ultra rare and is believed to be 1 of a kind. I received it in 1995 while studying in California. It came together with a bunch of Subpop related vinyls and promos via a trade with a college mate who came from Seattle. This guy used to work in Subpop and had access to many test-pressings and promos stuff. He also told me this mispress occurred when the pressing plant never cleaned the plates and when they started pressing the black after the green, they just put the pellets on and melted the plastic. Apparently, the error was detected quickly, because another one has never been seen In Dec 2002 and dead broke, I resold this rare mispress to Dave MacDougall, my good friend. Dave is the current owner.
the current owner has made a nice framed display
thanks to dave macdougall, terence yong, and to Anders @ pennyroyal 3