WITH THE LIGHTS OUT box and booklet page

the box
the box is made of three panels which unfold exposing the content.
the usa issue has a foam sheet under the front panel to protect the underlying surface from scratches.
the left panel holds disc 1 and 2, the central panel has a pocket housing the booklet, the right panel holds disc 3 and the dvd.
the material used for the box surface is heat sensitive: normally it's a brownish black, but when lightly heated it turns white, revealing hidden pictures of tape reel boxes. after cooling, it reverses to its normal appearance
on the box spine there the same code (B0003727-00) on all issues, so the boxes were probably produced only in the usa, and assembled overseas. the cd trays in the european issue are different.
box, sealed - front
box, sealed - back
left panel unfolded, revealing the foam sheet and the heat sensitive surface
right panel unfolded, revealing the booklet housed in the central panel pocket
the heat sensitive surface, in its normal state and when lightly heated

the sticker
a black sticker is attached to the plastic wrap
european issue
us issue

the metal plate
a printed metal plate is attached to the front panel, the nirvana writing is embossed. the surface is delicate and easily scratched.

the booklet
a sixty page booklet is housed in a pocket in the central panel. the contents are:
- a detailed chronology from 1985 to 1994, listing tours, tv appearances and recording sessions, with many rare pictures
- liner notes by thurston moore and neil strauss
- annotated track list
- credits and thanks.
the various issues differ only in the code printed on the back

the tracklist sheet
a sheet with the tracklist is loosely attached to the back of the box, it can be easily removed and kept in the booklet pocket
european issue.
the sheet is attached with spots of 'dry' glue that leaves white marks on the back of the box. they can be removed by gently
rubbing with a moist soft tissue
us issue.
the sheet is attached with fine threads of adhesive material,
easily removed without leaving any mark
european issue
us issue