HOT HITS series

country usa
type jukebox promo
media cd
label produced by image marketing and management, under licence from mca
notes they should have a front inlay and a jukebox index label, but they're often thrown away

title pop - volume 15
year 1992
code IMMD-35338
matrix U.S. OPTICAL DISC IMMD-35338 <01>
track lithium
pictures front inlay, index, cd

title pop - volume 23
year 1993
code IMMD-35453
matrix U.S. OPTICAL DISC IMMD-35453 <01>
track heart shaped box
pictures index, cd

title pop - volume 32
year 1994
code IMMD-35685
matrix U.S. OPTICAL DISC IMMD-35685 <01>
track about a girl (unplugged)
pictures front inlay, index, cd

title rock - volume 13
year ?
code ?
matrix ?
track lithium
pictures inlay, index and cd

title rock - volume 25
year 1993
code IMMD-35484
matrix U.S. OPTICAL DISC IMMD-35484 <01>
track all apologies
pictures front inlay, back inlay, cd