country usa
type publishing promo
year 2007
media cdx5
label primary wave
code PW 109-113
matrixes cd1: Made in Canada IFPI LG07 ZM15428 TRUTONE PW109 IFPI 9L05
cd2: Made in Canada IFPI LG06 ZM15429 TRUTONE PW110 IFPI 9L05
cd3: Made in Canada IFPI LG06 ZM15430 TRUTONE PW111 IFPI 9L05
cd4: Made in Canada IFPI LG06 ZM15431 TRUTONE PW112 IFPI 9L05
cd5: Made in Canada IFPI LG06 ZM15432 TRUTONE PW113 IFPI 9L02
notes promotional set released by the publishing company. more information on pennyroyal 3.

packaging wooden box
picture set (without the outer box)
notes 500 numbered copies.
cardboard outer box: printed with the smiley logo and the company logo, many sets miss it.
wooden box: 19x20x8 cm. the lid is etched with the smiley logo on the outside and with the company info on the inside. the company logo is etched on one side and the number of the box (out of 500) is etched on the bottom side. on the inside the box is lined at the bottom with a piece of "grunge" flannel. a spindle holds the cds and insert, which are kept in place by a rubber ring.
cds: five cds, separated by clear plastic spacers. the first three (disc 1, disc 2, disc 3) contain a selection of tracks from nirvana's albums, the fourth (disc 4) contains cover versions of nirvana's songs made by other artists and the fifth (disc 5) contains lullaby and string renditions.
card certificate: hand numbered
insert: three fold, cut to shape and inserted in the spindle with the cds
musical box: attached on the inside with a piece of velcro, it has a light sensor on the top and each time the lid is opened it plays 40 seconds of "heart shaped box", carillon-style. fortunately it can be silenced applying a piece of black tape on the sensor.

packaging multifold card sleeve
pictures front, back, opened sleeve (outside and inside)
notes -
thanks to vaughan bowden