country uk - made in germany
type bootleg
media 12"
label BBC TS
code 666666-S
pictures front sleeve, back sleeve, side 1 label
notes the BBC produced limited copies of their programmes as vinyl lps to sell as radio broadcast material across the world
this fake issue uses the same sleeve and label graphics of that series, and some dealers claim it's official, but neither this nor any other record with that funny serial number exist in the bbc archives. it's been made by the same german bootleg manufacturers who also made other nirvana (and countless other groups') 12" fakes, as the 'in store' subpop samplers, or the coloured/picture nevermind, in utero, bleach, blew, hormoaning, and so on
contains the concert at the paradiso club, amsterdam, november 1991
an A4 sheet with notes and track titles (with a lot of mistakes in the track names) may be inside, or attached to the sleeve
may have a 'made in the u.k.' sticker on the label and/or sleeve

matrix handwritten side a AMS-001 AI side b AMS-001 BI
notes black vinyl. first issued around early 1994, and later reissued at least one time

variation misprinted label

matrix handwritten side a BBC-666-A-1 side b BBC-666-B-1
notes clear and blue vinyl. issued in 2004

notes red/white splatter vinyl. issued in 2007(?)
thanks to chris robarchek