NEWS - 2004

december 2004
new pages:
russian unofficial flexy discs
coca-cola - my choice of music
south asian promo compilations
neunzehnhundert german promo compilation
german promo compilations
globus international [1]
sub pop 200
pennyroyal tea fake promo 7"
with the lights out box and booklet

new items:
come as you are dutch cassette single
memorabilia: letter to fans signed by the band
memorabilia: kurt's scratched autograph

updated pages:
nightly nirvana - tracklist for week five, six and seven, cue sheets for weeks one, two, and three
come as you are uk 7" - added pictures and info on the injection labels version, removed an unconfirmed matrix variation
eight songs for greg sage & the wipers, new variation for disc 3: dark green clear marbled
selections from with the lights out with better pictures of the canadian 5 track promo cd
bleach us 12" with some new pictures of the limited red/white vinyl
november 2004
new pages:
selections from with the lights out
nightly nirvana
bleach uk 12"
official: nevermind, it's an interview
counterfeit: nevermind, it's an interview
memorabilia: nirvana interviews
bleach fakes
bleach uk mc
bleach uk cd

updated pages:
come as you are. added a mexican promo 7"
sliver us 7". added a black vinyl promo issue.
here she comes now split 7". the light purple variation has been removed.
bleach us 12". added a red/white vinyl variation (brown streaks)- thanks to jeffrey buters
bleach uk 12". added a black vinyl variation (side b labels on both sides)
all apologies (unplugged). pictures of the test pressing/mispressed cd - thanks to Anders

divine and bright update: a new repressing of the 'divine & bright' 7" has appeared.
500 copies in multicolour swirled vinyl, and 75 in black vinyl, in picture sleeves.
the status of this new pressing is still unclear, more info to follow.
october 2004
new page: with the lights out
a german press release with 2 promo pictures
english translation of the german press release
hi-res version of the promo pictures

updated page:
earth side project
pictures and story of the discovered 'divine and bright" 7" sleeve
pictures of the 'divine and bright" 7" test pressing

new pages:
bleach us mc
bleach us cd
bleach us 12"
memorabilia - bleach press kit
official - molly's lips (live)
counterfeit - molly's lips (live)
canadian monthly promo compilations
new music, vol. VI, october '93
time of your life series volume I - rock - fall 1991

mca music manager - cmw 1995
music that hits a nirv-ana whole lot more!
what about now! rencontre 1991
13 back-ordered hits
the beavis and butt-head experience
charles peterson - screaming life (cd compilation)
fake - you know you're right
fake - sub pop in store samplers
pcd series
cd difusion series
anglo cd 203
newsica - winter '96
memorabilia - the charles peterson collection
geffen rarities vol. 1
dgc rarities vol. 1
no alternative
september 2004

new pages:
fake - bbc in concert show n. 666 transcription disc
kill rock stars
memorabilia - kill rock stars pressing plates
snl 25 - saturday night live volume 2

fender - 50th anniversary guitar legends
home alive - the art of self defence
fake and counterfeit - blew - unofficial
molly's lips
hot hits series
hitdisc series
us promo compilations part 2
us promo compilations part 1

earth side project

august 2004

new pages - official:
on a plain
sub pop rock city
fifteen minutes
heaven and hell
the grunge years
teriyaki asthma
here she comes now
eight songs for greg sage and the wipers
fourteen songs for greg sage and the wipers
oh, the guilt

new pages - counterfeits:
here she comes now
oh, the guilt

added two tickets and concert handbills on the concerts page

july 2004

new pages:
about a girl (unplugged)
unplugged promos
come as you are

june 2004

restarted the site, looking for collaboration. write me if interested

new pages:
promo tapes:
smells like teen spirit (uk) promo tape
incesticide (usa) promo tape
from the muddy banks of the wishkah (uk) promo tape
I hate myself and I want to die promo tape
and a quick list of all known custom made promo tapes.
regular issues with promo stickers aren't included. write me if you know more.
may 2004
new pages:
all apologies
earth side project
unofficial: earth side project
brazilian promo compilations
go team
go team fake 12"
promo cd singles for 'from the muddy banks of the wishkah'
nevermind fakes
april 2004
new pages:
in utero fakes
various artists
special for juke box
mca ser fremover #3
the globe film co best of vol. 1
music of the millennium
french promo compilations
you know you're right
nirvana spanish promo sampler
get m on!
concert ticket and handbill