NEWS - 2006

december 2006
love buzz list:
updated copy #914 - thanks to pkr
updated #731 and two "red slash" copies

new items:
from the muddy banks of the wishkah press kit
unplugged in new york press kit
de toekomst cd dutch promo compilation - thanks to wouter mahu
bleach cd from argentina - thanks to joel thuillier
bleach: cassette release from taiwan - thanks to damien gutierrez
nevermind releases from south africa - thanks to giorgio pisaniello
nevermind releases from mexico and peru
nevermind brazilian 12" with promo sticker
nevermind releases from germany, france, holland, italy, portugal and spain
nevermind releases from india, israel, japan, malaysia and philippines
nevermind releases from indonesia - thanks to joel thuillier and david a coulson
nevermind dcc (digital compact cassette) us release, distributed also in europe and japan
selections from with the lights out, uk promo cd with irish sticker - thanks to david a coulson
hard to believe uk 12", single sleeve variation
italian jukebox 7" - fake "radio promo" picture sleeves
heart shaped box mexican promo cd - thanks to david a coulson
independent record store us promo compilation
smells like teen spirit german 12" picture disc with promo print

updated pages:
sliver us 7" 2nd pressing, side b label with defective print - thanks to guillaume leviach
nevermind fake czech 12" reissues (2006): some other vinyl colours
here she comes now: some new pictures and info. the existence of the opaque orange vinyl colour is now confirmed - thanks to ebay seller brian-totwministries

updated items:
sliver mexican promo 7", new pictures and info
all apologies, pictures of the french cassette release- thanks to ebay seller gloryindo
in utero press kit, new picture - thanks to joel thuillier
bleach austrian cd matrix variations - thanks to david a coulson
bleach dutch 12": picture of label variation (no "geffen records" writing)
november 2006
new items:
in utero press kit - thanks to thomas tolo at
the birth of alternative series
incesticide cassette from croatia
nevermind / in utero - 2cd original box set
all apologies french cassette release

love buzz list:
updated copy #606 - thanks to ben kays
updated copy #110 - thanks to dimitry janssens
updated copy #106 - thanks to oliver wandrey
updated copy #743 - thanks to vaughan bowden and anders at pennyroyal 3
updated copy #731 - thanks to torsten roesler
added a "red slash" copy - thanks to marc gauci
added copy #304 - thanks to earnie bailey

updated pages:
earth side project: revolution come & gone variation - thanks to joel thuillier
nevermind germany/eu "universal" cd releases
bleach: indonesian "universal" cassette re-release - thanks to david coulson
the priest they called him cd matrix variations - thanks to rob cardenaz
neunzehnhundert '92: pictures of the outer slipbox - thanks to wouter mahu

rewritten pages:
sliver us 7" colour distinction: peach and orange vinyls - thanks to wouter mahu

october 2006
new items:
home alive uk promo cassette
nevermind czech cassette
nevermind releases from ecuador
nevermind german (mca) cd releases
you know you're right fake promo cd - thanks to joel thuillie
you know you're right uk promo vhs - thanks to joel thuillier
saturday night live french promo cdr
nevermind new fake "czech" 12" reissues, several different vinyl colours

love buzz list
updated copy #938 - thanks to chris gibson
updated copy #130 - thanks to john pette
updated copy #130 - thanks to stan ballard
updated copy #48
added copy #946
added copy #324 - thanks to simon taylor
added copy #48 - thanks to megan frampton
added copy #106 - thanks to michael waldhart

updated pages:
bleach brazilian 'warner' cd reissue - thanks to david coulson
oh the guilt new pictures and status for the uk 7" test pressing
nevermind australian cds. note about an error on 'territorial pissing' - thanks to david wood
bleach german cd, two new variations - thanks to anders @ pennyroyal 3
bleach us cd, first pressing copies made in usa - thanks to rob cardenaz
here she comes now, with new pictures of the muddy white variation, now more correctly renamed "white-green"
bleach, matrix info for the colombian 12" - thanks to damien gutierrez
smells like teen spirit us cassette, two variations - thanks to
home alive updated all pictures, new info and pictures for the japanese releases
bleach us cd: reorganized the remastered reissues, added a new one, with an "about a girl" sticker - thanks to cory brookshire
bleach german 'warner' cd reissue, new pictures and info - thanks to spear
home alive new variation, french sticker on austriac cd release - thanks to joel thuillier
"turn it up" transworld in-store play, new pictures and info - thanks to kevin braga
incesticide new matrix variation for the canadian cd - thanks to wouter mahu
houdini press release included with the 'hooch' uk promo 12" - thanks to wouter mahu

september 2006
new items
oh the guilt us cd "disque americ" variation - thanks to michael munro
no alternative japanese cd - thanks to douglas baptie
metalmania compilation from venezuela - thanks to giorgio pisaniello
extra - capsular extraction side project, 12" reissued in 2006

updated pages
bleach uk tupelo black 12" with side a labels on both sides - thanks to chris gibson
malaysian jukebox 7" aneurysm new info and picture

love buzz list
added copies #21 and #731
added copy #570 - thanks to david richardson
updated copy #845 - thanks to thomas tolo
updated copy #731
updated copy #21 - thanks to cedric vanoverstraten

august 2006
new items:
come as you are spanish 7" test pressing
malaysian jukebox 7"s
nevermind czech cd releases, including the metal boxes
nevermind german unofficial metal box
with the lights out japanese promo cdr
teriyaki asthma us 7" test pressing - thanks to tchoub
smells like teen spirit uk 7" with promo sticker and press sheet - thanks to joe mezzatesta
sub pop 200 uk cd - thanks to rick blanco

updated pages:
side project go team. the page has been rewritten, including new info and pictures of recently surfaced variations.
heart shaped box us promo 12" used in the uk, with release and feedback sheets
smells like teen spirit argentinian promo 7", picture of a copy with print from a radio station on the label
sliver , matrix of the uk cd variation (no 'made in england' in the inlay)
eight songs 7" box, pictures of the marbled red variation - thanks to joe mezzatesta
sliver uk cd matrix variations - thanks to wouter mahu

bleach and sliver cds inlays signed by Kurt, Chris and Dave - thanks to stan ballard
valencia july 2, 1992 autographed concert poster - thanks to a.sohier

love buzz list:
added copy #6
added copy #398 - thanks to simon healey
updated copies #6 and #938

july 2006
new interesting info about the czech nevermind 12", the first pressings are official , the various coloured repressings are confirmed as unofficial - thanks to gianluigi valerio

new items:
sizzlin' jukebok hits #11 canadian jukebox promo cd
sliver the best of the box cd from philippines
sliver the best of the box unofficial (?) yellow cd from thailand
jovem pan 2 fm 100,9 brazilian promo compilation
the man who sold the world us cd with uk promo sticker
sliver the best of the box unofficial (?) cd from russia
geffen rarities vol. 1 japanese promo cd - thanks to joel thuillier
nirvana cds from colombia (universal collection series) and from the philippines
memorabilia: cobain in a coma - by the sleestacks
bleach us 12" on black and white vinyl
bleach promo 12" from colombia - thanks to gianluigi valerio
nevermind promo cassette from uruguay
in utero promo cassette from uruguay - thanks to joel thuillier

updated pages:
bleach indonesian cd pictures and info
sliver the best of the box indonesian cd pictures and info
here she comes now: picture of the clear green variation
molly's lips us 7", picture of a sticker contained in some copies - thanks to gianluigi valerio
bleach australian 12", added a picture of a black/silver sleeve with defective print
bleach us mc first release with black cassette shell - thanks to niaboc79
sliver the best of the box european cd with french sticker - thanks to guillaume leviach
sliver the best of the box cassette from thailand
bleach israeli cd reissue on the helicon label, retail and promo - thanks to joel thuillier
bleach uk 12" black vinyl on the tupelo label with info card
bleach cassette from chile, new inlay picture
bleach german cd reissue on warner, new pictures - thanks to joel thuillier

love buzz list:
added copy #791 - thanks to chuck amuck
added copy #749 - thanks to marc cleland
added copy #780 - thanks to simon taylor
added copy #110
updated copy #791
updated copy #110 - thanks to chris stout

june 2006
new items
nevermind releases from argentina, australia, bolivia, brazil, canada, chile, colombia, croatia (krist's parents' native country)
nevermind czech vinyl releases, including the infamous 'australian' 7" picture disc.
all the czech one-off vinyls are now collected in a single detailed page
thanks to joris baas, arnold sohier, chris spicer, and andi frick
special collection 43 box set
nirvana cd reissue from japan, cd from taiwan
earth - sunn amps and smashed guitar live promo cdr

love buzz list:
added copy #779 - thanks to gianluigi valerio
added copy #782 - thanks to steven craig chandler (the georgia red mud painter)
updated copy #130

updated pages:
beavis & butthead german cd with 'mtv' sticker - thanks to anders @ pennyroyal 3
you know you're right us promo cd with australian press release, new info and picture
selections from with the lights out uk promo cd with israeli sticker
come as you are: us promo 12" with press release, us jukebox 7" with different index label, picture of another box of 25 copies
8 songs for greg sage and the wipers 7" box: slightly marbled clear red nirvana vinyl
added pictures of nevermind brazilian promo 12"- thanks to joel thuillier

may 2006
love buzz list:
added copies #226, 751, 911 (thanks to steve hall), 960
updated copy #226 - thanks to daz moore
updated pictures of copy #911 - thanks to steve hall
updated info on copy #751 - thanks to j.a.h.

new items:
sliver the best of the box japanese promo cd and cdr
hormoaning japanese fake (?) promo cassette
bmg july 1992 sampler australian promo compilation
the priest they called him us cd used in the uk for promotion
nirvana promo cd from argentina
sliver the best of the box promo cd from argentina

updated pages:
nirvana cassette from malaysia - thanks to fadil moslemani
details on the different sleeves used for the us 7" of smells like teen spirit and come as you are - matrix variations for the us 7" of smells like teen spirit
thanks to damien gutierrez
sliver us 7": third pressing sold in 'erika' sleeves - thanks to carl thorstensson

april 2006
new items: bleach
cd 'universal' reissue from australia, cassette from colombia, cds from sweden and indonesia, a 12" variation from holland
sliver the best of the box cd from argentina

love buzz list:
added copy #436 - thanks to sean schneider

march 2006
love buzz owners' list:
added copies #572 and 668
updated copy #743

new items:
incesticide: german cd with corrected sticker, promo cassette from the uk, cassettes from australia, bolivia, canada, chile, colombia, germany, india, indonesia, israel, italy, malaysia, peru, thailand, turkey, uruguay, south korea, usa
backlash seattle fanzine, august-september 1988
bleach: german cd with a sticker variation
'smells like teen spirit' and 'come as you are' us 7"s, boxes of 25 copies
with the lights out promo compilation vhs - thanks to seth mercer

updated pages:
fourteen songs... us cd variation with a barcode on the back - thanks to rick blanco
nevermind fake picture disc: info and pictures about the rolling stones mispressing and accompanying sheet of stamps - thanks to joris baas

february 2006
new items:
universal music cd sampler 99 no.3 taiwanese promo cd compilation
universal hits 2003 no.1 taiwanese promo cd compilation
incesticide / in utero box set - thanks to michael munro
incesticide cd releases from an unknown country, israel, south korea, taiwan, usa
incesticide promo cassettes from canada, germany and japan
sliver the best of the box promo cdr from the uk, cd and mc from indonesia

updated pages:
russian flexy discs. more info and pictures - thanks to giovanni guzzetta
incesticide brazilian cd: added matrix info - thanks to anders @ pennyroyal 3

love buzz owners' list:
updated info on copy #620 - thanks to barry bianchi
updated info on copy #365 - thanks to jason knight
added low number copy #89 - thanks to stan ballard
updated info about copies #711 and 917
updated info on a 'red slash' copy - thanks to dean bourne
added copies #25 and 130
added copy #587, autographed by all 4 main members of the band, and with a curious history... - thanks to iain and to peder enøe pedersen

january 2006
love buzz owners' list:
added copies #239, 256, 912, 284, 91, 192, 160, 170, 514, 537, 620, 766, three 'red slash' copies. one of them has been bought in a shop, confirming that some unnumbered copies ended up in stores, as from this note by nils bernstein: "I was there when these were being numbered. the red slash ones are totally legit. in fact some people have suggested they're rarer, since more were numbered than slashed. I don't remember exactly what happened: I think the idea was to slash all the promos, but then we lost count (since a bunch of people were doing them), so rather than repeat a number, we just slashed the rest. I know tons of slashed ones ended up in stores (I know some people that got numbered ones as promos), so it's not just as simple as being a promo." - thanks to tom for this info

updated copies #160, a 'red slash' copy

updated page: sliver the best of the box australian cd, info and pictures; european cd, with corrected sticker; canadian cd, info and pictures
russian flexy discs. added some other titles, corrected notes and info
coca cola live summer 1994 'promo' cd compilation.
it's not from the usa, but from the uk. and it's also not a promo, but intended for internal coca-cola system use only, not for broadcast or external presentation

new items: incesticide 12"s from colombia, south korea, ecuador, us, france, holland, japan, brazil, venezuela, russia; cassettes from ecuador, cds from germany, argentina, australia, brazil, canada, south africa, japan
smells like teen spirit german promo 'advance tape'
sliver the best of the box us promo 'advance cd'
bleach cd made in austria
nevermind japanese promo cassette
memorabilia: letter to fans from september 1990 written by cobain